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Join SCA if you support our manifesto and you want to help us lobby for a better, well-funded SEND system that truly helps children and young people with SEND reach their potential. There is no charge to join, but if you can, a donation is appreciated to help us do this work.

Although not obligatory, for commercial companies who wish to join as allies, we would very much appreciate a donation of £20 or more. Donations are currently processed by Special Needs Jungle while we set up our own systems.

We have several levels of membership:

  1. Individual
  2. Charity Affiliate
  3. Commercial Company Ally
  4. Parent Led Group Ally
  5. Young Person Ally

Within the Individual level, you can register as a parent/carer, a young person with SEND under 25, a disabled adult over 25, or a SEND-related professional. You indicate this when you register.

Why Join?

SEND Community Alliance has already made a national splash. We have been invited join the high-level Special Education Consortium and we want to be able to represent as many parents as possible. We know that many parents have set up their own local groups, but want a louder voice and by joining SCA as an individual or a group ally, you can do this.

By joining us, we can collate all local information in a central location and use it to highlight nationally where things are going wrong (or right). We can pass this back to you. We can use the knowledge we have already gained about lobbying and share it with you, locally. We can provide somewhere for you to take your information and put it together to make a bigger picture.

If you're not sure about joining but want to stay in touch, you can sign up to our newsletter in the sidebar.


Click here to register.

NOTE. You will be sent one email entitled "Username/Password" with a link to set your password and a second email entitled "Please Confirm Subscription" to sign up to our mailing list. You don't have to sign up to our mailing list, but if you don't, by clicking the link in the subscription email, we won't be able to send you information about what we're up to.

Check your spam if you do not get both emails.

If you have any problems with sign up, email us


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